Monday, August 20, 2018


True information;  We need to pray God's Divine will for everyone we meet & come into agreement with The Father in Heaven.
It is not our individual will, our flesh or man's will, it is only God's will for each person that we may come in contact with or may intercede for. We can't force our will on others or force them to do anything especially out of the will of The Father God. This would be called  a form of oppression & abuse of our authority.   We all have to submit ourselves, other people & every situation to The Lord & trust Him in that situation.  I have notice sometimes when other people ask for pray, they don't use a form of courtesy or even say please pray..., it is if they are commanding one to pray for them or if we required to pray for them & yes the bible does  tell us to pray for men every where with all supplication & prayer, but it is  a way to entreat prayer from others.
God has taught us in His word to use our manners &  be polite when communicating with someone, it called brotherly love & esteeming others before ourselves  especially  when requesting something like prayer  or a service from someone.
Refuse to be an agent of Satan in the earth with the words of our mouth or prayers that  we may pray for others. We must walk circumspect & be wise in aspect of commuting with others.
We must stay pure in our prayers for other people, not being controlling,  manipulative, rebellious  in our prayers by not aligning ourselves up with God's will & purpose for that individual (which is a form Witchcraft), subsequently not praying in the spirit of Divination which is out of the demonic realm.
Please do not cause any unnecessary warfare in anyone's life, let us always minister grace & agape love to the hearer.
Let us also represent the Kingdom of God with no hidden agendas or motives & definitely not a desire to sabotage & stop  someone's else destiny with our words & prayers.  We may desperate for the prayer request to be prayed, but let us not forceful & demanding people to pray, how & when  we may want  them to pray this is when becomes sorcery & witchcraft & it is not The Lord; The Holy Spirit is a Gentleman.
We need a pure, clean,  holy, truthful & authentic, flow in God with no mixtures of untruths, deceit, guile, lies or falsehoods which is of the enemy.
Father let us be pure when we intercede for other people, for these are your children & we shall be held accountable for every word we speak to or about others in Jesus Christ's name.
I decree Divine order & Divine Alignment in all our intercession & prayers.
Thank you Jesus for a humble, meek, quiet & gentle spirit when asking others to pray for our prayer requests. 
Let us  that pray have pure Intercession before a Holy God!
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Monday, May 21, 2018

Blessing Unto You

I release blessings to all those who may view my post, I speak to & I decree & declare blessings, success, encouragement & zoe life over all your Godly dreams, goals, destiny, purposes, visions & desires. May you prosper in the remainder of THIS Year & may you also receive multiple breakthroughs as the Godly portion for you & your entire family. May you experience the agape love of Jesus that transforms your very being into your Godly existence in this earth. These are Jesus' desires & also my known heart's desires for every person, I meet or I shall meet, those I do not know, or those I have known or will ever know in my life in Jesus Christ's name ! May the PRESENCE OF CHRIST that operates & moves inside of me "Apostle Zipporah Brown" as His submitted & obedient vessel & servant, bring forth due changes in all the individual's life no matter how & what process that God choose to use. Also however Jesus desires for me as His vessel chooses for me to communicate with each person; May these changes occur just by me being there in someone's presence or/ and their atmosphere. Additionally, however my Father God wants me to relate or communicate with another person, whether it may be electronically, visually, auditabilly, on social media, on the phone or in a scripted/ written forms, personally one on one, a small group, large groups, informal or formal gatherings, God's presence inside of me shalll bring about immediate results & changes in individual's life in a spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially matter as that person is receptive & open to Jesus' truths as He reinforces these truths in your own life. ie: 1. How special you really are to Jesus. 2. God's absolute purpose for your life 3. Jesus Christ's total benefits of your Salvation 4. The reality of God's Kingdom, power, authority of Himself, Jesus & The Holy Spirit 5. Your complete Wholeness in Him 6. His Holiness 7. God's Divine order & His Alignments. 8. The Supernatual moves of God that shall releases a your deliverance, healings & 9. Your increased relationship & intimacy with Jesus; for this is Jehovah's (The Father) blood covenant of Jesus Christ for his children. Jesus wants You blessed, well & whole in Him in every area of your life in Christ Jesus ! I LOVE YOU & I want the best of Jesus Christ for you ! This is my declaration & I am in total agreement with Heaven. Now is the time for release ! Apostle Zipporah Brown