Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Listen to the Heart of Others

Help us as your children Father to communicate with insight  & understanding, also to truly hear what is being spoken to us in Jesus' name. Help us to hear with attentive & compassionate hearing. To make those we are communicating with feel extra special, honored, respectd & encouraged, even if we do agreed with what is being said & released to us. It's about respect & maturity in Christ. I ask these requests in Jesus' Holy names. We submit to the greater purposes of your Kingdom Lord & die unto ourselves for your Glory Lord. They will know us by your Love.


In your presence always Lord, let your presence be in me, through me, on me, around me, in my DNA, my cellular structure, my mind & brain, my blood, organs, eyes, ears, mouth, drench every part of my being Lord with your tangible manifested glorious presence Lord, from the very top my head, down to the tips of my toes, let your presence permeate all parts my being. Let your sweet, Holy, aroma fill & bring about atmospheric changes as the results of your glory. May I be all so endowed with your glory. May your holiness be viewed upon me & in my entire being & let me be absolutely synchronized with your every move through the Holy Spirit, may the transparency of my being be all so reflective of your image & may the, radiant, brightest, brilliant & the illuminous light of Jesus Christ be seen & felt by others to expell all obscure & oppressive darkness because of my presence. May the glory give each individual hope that brings healings, deliverance, the fear & awe of the Lord that releases total conviction & convergent to those who yet do not know you Lord Jesus Christ as their  presonal Saviour & King.
May others experience your exhilarating, exuberant, extravagant & rapturous love because of your presence in me. I find the ecstasy of your presence continually brings elation, ecstatic, jubilant, euphoric & enraptured  joy & strength to my being. Father please captivate & entrall others with your Holy presence as you have engulfed & immersed me.
Let your Glory Father be released across the Globe, for no flesh will be Glorified in your presence. Father let fire totally consume me in its entirety & set me ablaze for your glory.
  Definitely  let your effervescence presence be made known to others. Let your agape love & intimacy be made known to your children as this what give pleasure.
Manifest your Kingdom to others Lord, by your SPIRIT. Bring forth your Divine alignment with the order of heaven. Let the supernatural & creative miracles, signs and wonders be manifested because of your Glory.
I am so in love with Yahweh, Elohim, Adonai,  my Abba Father & Yahushua, my King & Rauch Hakodesh. Thank you Lord
Apostle Zipporah ( Tzipporah) Brown

Sunday, March 26, 2017


I Plead The Blood of Jesus !!!
The Blood of Jesus covers everything & anything concerning & is associated with me, whether it may social media, including all my known & unknown sites, pages, profiles, blogs, writings, pictures, the World Wide Web, Written, audio, verbal,visual information about me or what I may release about myself past, present & future or if someone else that has or will release true information about me, whether it be personal, business, all my relationships, my properties that I own or property where I'm visiting short or long term, my name, my identity, all my possessions that are with me or not in directly in my present & every instruments/tools that I use whether it's a mobil or smart phone, my personal telephone numbers & my emails addresses, websites
all electronics, computers in a private or public settings,etc. The Blood covers all my family members, all of my ministries I'm the founder, director of or those that I'm associated with, all churches, meetings I'm hosting or may be attending, this includes wherever I go or are going to even if it's local, nationally, Internationally or wherever I'm at currently.  The blood covers every form of transportation ie: Automobiles, Trains, Airplanes, Boats & Ships; even if I am asleep or awake.
The Blood of Jesus totally covers all of me every part & I my triune being is drenched, immense, inundated, submerge, steep, saturated, permeated & soaked in The Blood of Jesus Christ in His Holy name.
May The Fear Of The Lord be released to any Souls that defy Jesus in this matter.
I decree in Christ Jesus & forbade anyone, anything, any entity whether it may be Incorporeal, corporeal, demonic or human with hidden motives/agendas, ill will or have malicious intentions to harm me, steal from me, destroy, or murder my destiny, identity, reputation, work in Jesus Christ.
The Blood of Jesus is definitely against all opposing forces, all falsehoods, lies, deceit, all underlying games, changing or playing with my true information & posting, promoting any fake or misrepresentations of me,  all manipulations, schemes, scams, plots, errors, accusations, gossip, false witnesses, talebearers, influencing others negativity against me, evil monitoring &
false representation & gainsaying that is  fighting the Kingdom of God from coming forth through me as His vessel of Honor.

The Lord warns you with a progressive watch over His rhema Word to perform it.
God is real !  Apostle Zipporah Brown