Saturday, May 21, 2016

God Wants You Blessed

I release blessings to all those who may view my post, I speak & decree blessings, success, encouragement & zoe life over all your Godly dreams, goals, destiny, purposes, visions & desires. May you prosper in the remainder of THIS Year & may you also receive multiple breakthroughs as the portion for you & your entire family. May you experience the agape love of Jesus that transforms your very being in this existence in the earth. These are Jesus & also my known heart's desires for every person, I meet or I shall meet, I do know, have known or will ever know in Jesus Christ's name !
May the PRESENCE OF CHRIST that is in me
"Dr Zipporah Brown" as His submitted vessel & servant, I shall bring about changes in all individual's life no matter how God chooses me  how I will communicate with them: May it occur just by me being there in one's atmosphere or however I may related to another person whether it be electronically, visually, auditabilly, on social media, on the phone or in scripted forms, in a personal one on one, small groups, large groups, informal or formal gatherings, God's presence in me shalll bring about immediate results & changes in one's life spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially as they are receptive to Jesus while He reinforces His truth 1.How special they (you) are to Him  2.His absolute purpose for their (your) life  3. His Salvation  4.The reality of His Kingdom & The Holy Spirit  5. His Wholeness & Holiness  6. His Divine Order  &
7.The Supernatual moves of God that shall releases a person's deliverance, healing & increased relationship & intimacy with Jesus; for this is Jehovah's (The Father) blood covenant of Jesus Christ for his children.
Jesus wants you blessed, well & whole in Him.