Thursday, March 24, 2016


The Holy Scriptures is our every moment manual for living. It is the living word for our lives. Scriptures are the breath of God & is inspirational to the very core & depth of our being. The Holy Scriptures can totally transform us in this earth realm as we embraced, apply & allow Jesus to engraft the living Word in our hearts.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


HOLY SPIRIT YOU ARE WELCOME & INVITED: In any, every & all parts of my life as my absolute existence as a Human Triune Being & my essential component as an immaterial entity in this earth realm; including my conscience & subconscience mind, my thoughts, mentality, will, intellect/ intelligence,  attitudes, emotions, nature, passions, perceptions, thought processes, my brain in it's entirety, my eyes, ears, mouth, celluar structure, my blood system & fuction, this is including my veins, arteries & lymphatics system, blood chemistry, hormonal system, all my organs, bones, muscles, nerves, my natural & spiritual DNA, my elimination system & ability to release naturally, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, my sexuality & femininity; 
My ability to obtain, receive & apply knowledge & wisdom in all areas of my life, including, all businesses & my multiple streams of income, ministries & ministry associations, my visible & personal walk & appearance, my finances & the aptitude to be successful, all my interactions & relationships public & private, my ability to comprehend & be comprehended, my capacity to received scriptural & spiritual knowledge, my understanding, my innate capacity to submit/yield to Jesus, my prayers &  intercession, my ordained & divine ministerial style & flow, my sounds/tones, speech, speaking, hearing, seeing, my very breath, my capacity for truth & love, spiritual sight & hearing, all my needs, wants & desires, passions, my image, esteem, identity, creativity, wit, my imaginations, my heart both physical & spiritual, my five senses, my discernment & discretion in all circumstances, my beliefs & thinking, my physical make up, my personality, character, my fruits, my sensitivity, acuteness, ingenunity, intuition, memory, integrity, faith, hope & fears. My peace, joy, temperance & patience.
My writing style, the history of me, my now present & future, my aptitude to learn & teach others, my talents, skills & gifts, my current environment & atmosphere, dreams, goals & visions understandings & influence, leadership style, conception, outlook, hindsights, insights, foresights, the ownership of material things, my reputation & my judgements, my determination, all battles, misunderstandings & conflicts, all & any interactions & external affairs on this earth with anybody, organization, agency, financial entities, connections, Body of Christ, Churches, Ministries, Leadership, Governments, Nations, Cultural Diversity & my receptibility to the Kingdom of God & all His benefits/ blessings.
Finally Holy Spirit you are welcome to intervene, teach, guide me & lead my inherited intrinsic capacity to know God on an intimate level. I do Thank you HOLY SPIRIT for your exaltation, glorification & honoring Jesus & also dwelling in my vessel to purification & comfort me as well as your guidance, instructions, intervention, communication, truth & protection in & throughout my life for Jehovah, Jesus' Eternal Divine Purposes Globally. Not my will,but thy will be done & HOLY SPIRIT YOU ARE INVITED PERPETUALLY !

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"THE HEART OF THE PROPHETIC" Author Jennifer LeClaire

The Holy Spirit is saying, "Welcome Me. Welcome Me into parts of your life that cause you worry and stress. Welcome Me into parts of your soul that are fearful or sorrowful. Welcome Me into parts of your heart that are not fully submitted to Me. Welcome Me into your mind, will and emotions. Welcome Me into your family and into your workplace. Welcome Me into every part of who you are and I will fill you with all that I am. I will not come uninvited. Welcome Me."
By Jennifer LeClaire. March 11, 2016 7:44am Facebook.
The Heart of The Prophetic


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