Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paga` Global Prayer Connections

Paga`Global Prayer Connections Please visit our group on page Paga`Global Prayer Connections on Facebook group pages,Linkedin groups and Google groups. You may leave a prayer request on our Voicemail system at 641-715-3900 ext:477677# and leave your request. We do a live prayerline weekly called "Right Now Prayerline" Prayer is Sunday through Saturday mornings at 6:00AM; Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 12 noon and in the evenings at 8:00PM all EST 1.218.339.0831 Passcode:772937# You may also us visit at You may also email your prayer requests to our Email at,; Our Speciality Prayerlines Men Only! Kingdom On Men Fire Prayerline meets on the Tuesday of the month at 8:30PM 218-339-0831 Access Code:5464366# (kingdom) EST 8:30PM 7:30PM CST, 6:30PM MST, 5:30PM PST,4:30PM Alaska, 2:30PM Hawaii. Real Wife Prayer Time Meets on the third Wednesday in each month at 4:00PM EST 1-218-339-0831 Access Code:772937# This call is for married Women only. Single,Separate and Satisfied Prayer: Every second Saturday at 3:00 PM EST For single women only. Divorced, Widow, Separated, engaged, never been married. Young ladies and the mature woman.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paga' Global Prayer Connections

Please visit our group Paga'Global Prayer Connections on Facebook group pages.
Email your prayer requests to We have a live prayer line weekly on Monday and Friday evenings at 8:00pm and on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings at 6:00am all EST 1.218.339.0831 Passcode:772937
You may also visit at