Monday, December 29, 2014

Racial Relations in America

We  definitely need the Lord's intervention to combat racism & ignorance in all forms, especially regarding the prejudices, superiority & a judgmental attitude towards racial classification & differences.
Tim Wise Pens' Editorial captured the true undertones in our society that People of Color have encountered in the course of their lives, sometimes on a daily basis.  Racism is a systematic & institutionalize problem that have been allowed to be perpetrated in the consciousness & attitudes of the caucasoid persuasion.  Racism does exists worldwide in all races.  Racism evidently is more pronounced & categorized in America than other countries, even to promoting volatile relations in our communities while the world watch how we handle our internal conflicts as a nation. Will this be used against us in the future?  Denominational racism is also active  within our religious system . Consequently, as long as humanity continues to view external & cultural differences as a threat to their own  individual existence, this will continue to provide the enemy an opportunity to use these maneuvers, & weapons against us.  Truly it's all about love in Christ & not an attitude of fear, pride, superiority & control.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014