Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday Letter To My Daughter

Now is the day that you were born 35 yrs ago,you emerged into this realm as result from the heart & mind of God & union of your parents. When they laid a tiny baby girl on my chest that had been inside of my womb & that I bonded with internally for 9 months out of that year. My thoughts were ambivalence at the time of the birth, having labored to push forth life out of me as a vessel. Out of the excruciating pain came a bundle of delight & joy. A blessing to carry forth the will of God into the earth. Knowing that my life was changed for ever. I had a precious, pure & innocence little Human Being that I will be responsible for molding & shaping you into a productive adult in our society. I would also be instrumental in helping develop your character & values. My examples of life choices before you would also bring into existence your identity as a female. Your style of coping & your emotions will be A result of our interactions with each other. Your physical & spiritual DNA was genetically predetermined by your creator, even the family characteristics was included in His purposes. Now in reflection we have laughed & cried together. We have communicated continually & other times we have been totally silence in each other presence, however it has always been a depth of love that really cannot be explained. It is an innate thing that a true Mother have for her child or children. Now you know you have a Heavenly Father that loves you greater than any love that exists. You are wonderfully & fearfully made. God created you in His image & you were created for His purpose & good pleasure. You are a wonderful daughter & woman I love you very much. Happy Birthday Shakira!