Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Authentic Move of God

Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus, I totally agree for a true revival & awakening. A happening from the Holy Spirit of God that can not be denied, this will be an in your face supernatural miracles & radical changes instantaneously in people, the atmosphere, our communities, territories & utter most part of the world.
A global glory released across the earth by God's Spirit in an  intensity & purity that we never have experienced  before in humanity's existence in this realm on the earth. Let us have an expectancy, anticipation & hope in Christ Jesus!  God The Father is a great Master strategist. The time is now !  This that is happening is now, it's a suddenly. A moment in eternity & God's kairos timing  in this due season. Get ready to launch forth, for God is the catalyst in movement.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Monday, April 29, 2019

It Is A Serious Time In God

Being in headship of The Five Ministry (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher) & or in a leadership position; you, yourself are responsible & accountable to God all areas of your individual walk before Him. You just can not do what you want to do, go where you want go, say what you to say out of your mouth or even associate  with who God has not ordained for your life & destiny, unless it is an assignment  from The Lord.
We should always abide under the shadow of His wings & stay in His arms of protection, by being obedient, submissive to Him & resisting the effects of the enemy. We must girt ourselves up  with the full armour of God. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal people,but mighty through God to pulling down strongholds.
It is a very serious time we are in right now & we can't afford to move out  of the timing of The Lord in this season. We must be synchronize with the Holy Spirit & be obedient to The voice of The Lord.
Our God is Holy God & we must also be Holy in our words, actions, thoughts & deeds.
Please seek The Lord for His Prophetic time table in the earth now, for things are moving expediently.
There is such an intensity  in the spirit realm & things are unfolding right before our very eyes.
God is not mocked, what so ever  you sow that we shall also reap.  The workings of the flesh is clearly identified in the scriptures & being led by the Holy Spirit is evident in our fruit display to others.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Thursday, February 14, 2019

God Is Moving In The Earth

We are about to experience an extraordinary, supernatural, preternatural, amazing, unprecedented, Supermundane, miraculous, phenomenal, incredible, astounding, spectacular, astonishing, wondrous, creative & victorious moves of God in The Body of Christ as never seen before. The Glory of God shall be known on this globe. Nothing on this earth, above the earth, beneath the earth & nothing incorporeal or corporeal can stop what God is doing. It's by His Spirit & by His Sovereign will that this move shall occur with no interference, God will have His way, who can stand against the creator of everything that exists, whether one believe it or not, God does not need anyone approval, endorsement or opinions in what He has said. He will always glorify Himself. I hear who on this planet has created themselves, Man may clone cells & create methods of fertilization but, only God's breath in His created life that a human being lives.
It has been decreed by Heaven, before the foundation of this earth that this glorious move of Christ was predestined & ordained before time exists. Every knee will bow & every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords & King of Kings. God will & shall not be denied in this season.
I personally rather bow & yield right now here on this plane or dimension, rather than one who has transition & discover they still have to bow anyway.
The Fear of The Lord shall manifest itself in this generation. For eyes have not seen, nor ears has not heard & neither has it entered into the heart of men what God has prepared for His Children, there is no stopping of what have been spoken in THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, It does not matter the tempering with the Bible, God's Words are spiritual & life. The Word must come to past, for it been said & written. The Truth & The Word which is Jesus shall prevail NOW ! IT IS FINISHED
Dr Zipporah Brown

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Truth

YES LORD! I Loose truth all around me, in me & through me in Jesus Christ's name.
I bind the truth to my ears, eyes, mouth, heart & my inwards parts now!
I decree that nobody will be able to lie to me or speak half truths to me in Jesus Christ's name, the wordof God will expose all deceit, lies & any evil intents or motives.
I declare all the truth, nothing but the truth so help me God, for I know Jesus Christ is truth & the scriptures states that I shall "know" the truth & the truth shall set me free.
Father please deliver me from any & all lies or untruths that I may believe or have believed in my life.
Eradicate & erase any/all lies or half truths about me in my existence in the globe & any & all lies told through others or  those they may  currently believe about me in Jesus Christ's name !
I want truth & to embrace Lord privately & publicly with no comprises with any ungodly principles.
Father in Jesus Christ's name  l desire & also choose to speak, talk & walk in truth & my loins are girted about with the belt of truth as part of my armor of God.
God is Jehovah El Meth, Lord God of Truth Psalms 31:6, thank you Lord for perfect purity & holiness of truth in your Kingdom.
Lord it is authenticity, veracity & the reality of your Kingdom, without any & all contaminations, admixtures & unclean or impure spirits in the name of Jesus Christ
I will flow in holiness & purity of The Holy Spirit according to the Divine order The Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
Thank you Lord for all truth
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Friday, January 25, 2019

How Observant Are you?

How observant are you ! We must always  watch as well as PRAY. Yes even this simple visual exercise can prompt us to be more watchful, aware & increase our attention to things that are in our atmosphere or environment.
Things are not always what they appears be. Many times we assume things or situations just because it may be implied,  please remember this is how the Serpent beguiled Eve by what she saw.
WE have to be sober & vigilant in all things whether it's audible or visually.
Let us keep looking through the eyes of God & discerning the situation. Our God is Jehovah El Roi (God of seeing Hagar said in Gen 16: 13. FATHER OPEN UP OUR EYES TO SEE AS YOU SEE IN JESUS' NAME!  AMEN  
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Monday, August 20, 2018


True information;  We need to pray God's Divine will for everyone we meet & come into agreement with The Father in Heaven.
It is not our individual will, our flesh or man's will, it is only God's will for each person that we may come in contact with or may intercede for. We can't force our will on others or force them to do anything especially out of the will of The Father God. This would be called  a form of oppression & abuse of our authority.   We all have to submit ourselves, other people & every situation to The Lord & trust Him in that situation.  I have notice sometimes when other people ask for pray, they don't use a form of courtesy or even say please pray..., it is if they are commanding one to pray for them or if we required to pray for them & yes the bible does  tell us to pray for men every where with all supplication & prayer, but it is  a way to entreat prayer from others.
God has taught us in His word to use our manners &  be polite when communicating with someone, it called brotherly love & esteeming others before ourselves  especially  when requesting something like prayer  or a service from someone.
Refuse to be an agent of Satan in the earth with the words of our mouth or prayers that  we may pray for others. We must walk circumspect & be wise in aspect of commuting with others.
We must stay pure in our prayers for other people, not being controlling,  manipulative, rebellious  in our prayers by not aligning ourselves up with God's will & purpose for that individual (which is a form Witchcraft), subsequently not praying in the spirit of Divination which is out of the demonic realm.
Please do not cause any unnecessary warfare in anyone's life, let us always minister grace & agape love to the hearer.
Let us also represent the Kingdom of God with no hidden agendas or motives & definitely not a desire to sabotage & stop  someone's else destiny with our words & prayers.  We may desperate for the prayer request to be prayed, but let us not forceful & demanding people to pray, how & when  we may want  them to pray this is when becomes sorcery & witchcraft & it is not The Lord; The Holy Spirit is a Gentleman.
We need a pure, clean,  holy, truthful & authentic, flow in God with no mixtures of untruths, deceit, guile, lies or falsehoods which is of the enemy.
Father let us be pure when we intercede for other people, for these are your children & we shall be held accountable for every word we speak to or about others in Jesus Christ's name.
I decree Divine order & Divine Alignment in all our intercession & prayers.
Thank you Jesus for a humble, meek, quiet & gentle spirit when asking others to pray for our prayer requests. 
Let us  that pray have pure Intercession before a Holy God!
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Monday, May 21, 2018

Blessing Unto You

I release blessings to all those who may view my post, I speak to & I decree & declare blessings, success, encouragement & zoe life over all your Godly dreams, goals, destiny, purposes, visions & desires. May you prosper in the remainder of THIS Year & may you also receive multiple breakthroughs as the Godly portion for you & your entire family. May you experience the agape love of Jesus that transforms your very being into your Godly existence in this earth. These are Jesus' desires & also my known heart's desires for every person, I meet or I shall meet, those I do not know, or those I have known or will ever know in my life in Jesus Christ's name ! May the PRESENCE OF CHRIST that operates & moves inside of me "Apostle Zipporah Brown" as His submitted & obedient vessel & servant, bring forth due changes in all the individual's life no matter how & what process that God choose to use. Also however Jesus desires for me as His vessel chooses for me to communicate with each person; May these changes occur just by me being there in someone's presence or/ and their atmosphere. Additionally, however my Father God wants me to relate or communicate with another person, whether it may be electronically, visually, auditabilly, on social media, on the phone or in a scripted/ written forms, personally one on one, a small group, large groups, informal or formal gatherings, God's presence inside of me shalll bring about immediate results & changes in individual's life in a spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially matter as that person is receptive & open to Jesus' truths as He reinforces these truths in your own life. ie: 1. How special you really are to Jesus. 2. God's absolute purpose for your life 3. Jesus Christ's total benefits of your Salvation 4. The reality of God's Kingdom, power, authority of Himself, Jesus & The Holy Spirit 5. Your complete Wholeness in Him 6. His Holiness 7. God's Divine order & His Alignments. 8. The Supernatual moves of God that shall releases a your deliverance, healings & 9. Your increased relationship & intimacy with Jesus; for this is Jehovah's (The Father) blood covenant of Jesus Christ for his children. Jesus wants You blessed, well & whole in Him in every area of your life in Christ Jesus ! I LOVE YOU & I want the best of Jesus Christ for you ! This is my declaration & I am in total agreement with Heaven. Now is the time for release ! Apostle Zipporah Brown