Sunday, November 29, 2015


Spiritual Warfare is so very real. We have to completely submit to our Chief And Commander The Lord Jesus Christ, for He is The Lord of Host.  We can't move or speak without Him when engaging in spiritual battles, we must have God's approval, scriptures & leadership to engage in any war. We always need Jesus' wisdom & strategies in spiritual matters & must not be presumptuous concerning them. We have to know what individual to wage war with us when going into the various realms & dimensions while we are in battle, for I have learn if a person is not  equipped to handle that level or doors may be opened in their life, God will not lead you into higher level of warfare with that person for He is going to protect that person, even if that person feels they are ready to war on that level. Therefore we must also be protective of those on our teams as well,  by using discernment  & have sensitivity  to The Lord. We have to definitely understand our boundaries set by God not take anyone in battle that is not ready to go higher level of warfare  unless approved by God. Just because we see someone else war on higher level this does not mean we areto try  to engage in spiritual warfare at same level without God's permission for people are anointed for specific assignments & remember because  you are used that particular way in battle one time does not necessarily mean or assume you will flow that way again; each assignment & region are different in conjunction with its strongholds, root problems, principalities etc and each  assignment  we require & seek God's directive,  for all the gates, windows & doors to the demonic realm that you know of must be closed &  consult with The Lord about those you are unaware of, deal with soulish issues because the enemy will use those  same issues against us, especially if you unaware of them & this is why we need the truth in our inward parts.  Some more weapons are Praise & Worship, Submission to The Lord,  walking in Love, Obedience, dying to self, repentance,   having the Word & Confidence in Christ about who you are in Him are very important, God's  Divine Order & Alignment in our life, walking in unity & oneness in the Holy Spirit,  true humility, embracing the truth, having on your complete & full spiritual armour, because each piece of the armour represents protection in the spirit, absolutely    resisting the enemy & your flesh, using  The Blood of Jesus,  knowing & being aware yourself, actions, responses, triggers, weakness & proclivities. Knowing  the enemy his tactics, & strategies against you & others around, because, remember we do not war against flesh & blood it's a spiritual  battle & we have to keep our perspectives as mature warriors in Christ. Most importantly we must know God by having an intimate relationship with Him.  These points are some of  strategic key weapons we must be aware of as we co- labor with The Lord against  the plots of the enemy. We are in this together & we have one enemy, let us keep our focus on The Lord as we advance forward with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. It's our duty to protect & intercede for one another in The Body of Christ. It is also our responsibility & should be our firm position to protect the movement of what God is doing the earth.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Please Pray For The United States of America

Please let us pray hastily with a fervently & ardently for The United States of America, for God's protection & covering over all the Parade site activities today in the various location throughout our nation. We pray a covering/hedge of protection over our bridges, tunnels, highways, overpasses, airways, waterways, ground, periphery, perimeters & boundaries, of our nation. This also includes areas of where large crowds of people may be during the holidays. We pray for more wisdom, insights, discernment & for an increased sensitivity to one's environment & atmosphere around people in general,  also for the security & safety personnel in every location, this includes our Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, Secret Service Agents, all our local Police dept, Sheriffs, Park Rangers, Fire department personnel, Border & Custom patrols, all of Armed Services personnel,  our Airports, Airplanes, Airlines personnel & its security  staff, the Reserves, Water Patrol. Please pray for all additional forms & modes of transportation used in this country & the personnel staff that  includes our Bus drivers, Truck drivers, Subway operators, helicopters operators, Trains personnel & Conductors, Ships, Cruise & Freight Captains & staff, Submarines personnel, Security Guards.  We pray protection over schools, colleges, hospitals, all our  governmental federal, state, & city buildings, our courthouses,  The United Nations,  museums, business complexes, Banks, the prisons & its staff,  various malls, stores, daycare facilities, theaters, restaurants, libraries, community  centers, temples, churches,  any place where our children may frequent, our annual events, sports gathering, highlighted events such as Oscars, Rewards shows & also any unaware, unexpected or unassuming localities & or unpopulated areas where someone may attack or provoke chaos.  We pray over our Army, Navy, Airforces, Marines bases /camps, water ports, our borders to other countries.  We pray over our deserts, mountains, caves, valleys & parks. We decree extra protection over any visiting, Ambassador, dignitaries & or political leaders in our nation.
We come against any plans of multiple, simultaneous & synchronizes attacks in public & crowded locations.
We call forth all Prophetic Watchmen, Prayer Warriors, & Intercessors to stand guard. We decree exposure of all hidden or secret teams, units, plots, plans, conspiracies, strategies, networks, sleeper cells, & people with wicked & evil intentions to do harm & hurt to others. We come against betrayal, double agents & spies within our country & its system of functionality. We come against negative  influencers & those  who want to  incite riots, wars & promote hate crimes against  others.
We speak abrupt disruption to any lines of  malicious communication between persons with potential plans to do or with the cruel intentions of afflicting harm & or  spitefully hurting large groups of innocence people no matter what the motivation or hidden evil agenda may be. We come against all undercurrents & dangerous secretes to  the safety of our nation. Father we pray for your wisdom, clarity,  tact, grace, & understanding in dealing with foreign policies, refugees, unauthorized citizens & those with diplomatic immunity, government  officials from other countries. We speak exposure to all radical extremist & terrorist individuals & groups. 
1 Peter 4:7 & 1 Peter 5:8
Thank you for being sober & vigilant
Now Father we recognize that all authority comes from you & we recognize your Sovereignty, we also trust in your mercy & grace in our Nation of the United States of America in Jesus' Christ name.
We thank you  Father for hearing our cry, even as you did Israel in Egypt in  the word. We thank you for signs, wonders & miracles in our land.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

We Were Created To Worship Jesus

We surely must always praise & worship the Lord, for he is great & worthy to be praised. He is absolutely amazing in every aspect of His existence. We were created  for His good pleasure & it is an honor to reverence the Lord. As we continue to be  in awe of His presence & flow in humanity, we should conceptualize the reality of Jesus' presence through our worship. He Is The Great I AM. A self existing God in the true essence of life.
The very breath of every human being that ever emerged into the earth realm out the Creator's purpose & strategy in the schematic diagram of creation within the  entire universe. YOU HAVE A PURPOSE!
So let us continue to worship our Lord, that brings one into the reality of The Kingdom.