Thursday, February 25, 2021


A Rose for Rose, you are Jesus Roses. You may have some thorns, but in the end you blossom with the beauty of Christ. God have had to prune you, water you and nurture you into that beautiful Rose.
The layers of a Rose is reflective of the intricacies and delicate designs
that you are made of, formed and fashioned by God Himself.
The sweet fragrance of worship and praise unto God, pour out of your Alabaster box unto Jesus.
No one knows the cost of your oil, all they see is the beautiful Rose before them. As you continue to  bloom in the midst of adversity, you are still growing and return  each year with the care of our Lord.
He loves you as His beautiful flower before Him.
You are His Rose, a Rose for a Rose.  He is The Rose of Sharon; we reflect Jesus' life, love and care. We are protected  by Him,  who would have thought to have put thorns on Roses? Something so beautiful that can prick your fingers if you do not handle the Rose with extra special care. You are a lovely fragrant to The Lord.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Sunday, January 31, 2021


The Father has perfect timing. It's His  Karios timing and there are not any accidental delays in Christ it is in His strategic plan for us. We must trust God and wait patiently on Him.
Our perceived delays will have a momentual impact not just for us, but for the multitude of witnesses, onlookers, spectators and those that will have an opportunity to participate in our personal  blessings.
God will ultimately get the Glory and the people will be in awe and wonderment.
  Your breakthrough will be an inspiration to others with their own individual's expectations and hopes in what God has promised them for their own blessings  and breakthrough.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Ladies You Are Precious Jewels

Modesty, hidden jewels are covered. Remember Ladies YOU  are those precious treasures to be discovered & treated like a Queen, consequently handled with delicate care & respect in The Kingdom of our King Jesus Christ.
To be discovered as that jewel  & founded by that right Miner ( Husband).
The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:22-  Whoso (Husband) findeth( to find, secure, acquire, get, sought,meet encounter, to learn, discover) a wife fineth a good(pleasant, agreeable, excellent, rich, valuable in estimation, appropriat, glad, happy, prosperous, right,benefit, moral good) thing & obtaineth favour(good will, acceptable will, desire, pleasure, delight, self- will ) of The Lord. Truly it is always a choice in how present ourselves as ladies in public the  young & elderly.
Father I thank you for your wisdom, instructions & convinction of The Holy Spirit as we present ourselves as your children in society.
Let us represent you Lord Jesus in the beauty of holiness, that our jewels/treasures are well hidden waiting to be discovered only through you Lord.
Help us in any or all areas that we may not know how to truly represent you in our attired or where we may have became comfortable in wearing .
Let everything that we do reflect your Glory even in the eyes of our male brethren.
Yet Father please deal with the intricate parts of our hearts in each of us alike males & females in our personal walk with you, for we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Amen
Dr Zipporah Brown

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Do You Recognize Any Idols In Your Life?

Do you recognize any idols in your life? The link that I am sharing below is an eye opener video as the speaker shares her heart and experience with God.
This is a time now for us to draw closer to Jesus like never before for He is truth.
This is a very serious time in The Lord, I can sense the urgency.  Acts 17:30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent.
God is shaking everything that can be shook across the Globe.
Stay before Him and submit thyself to Him. Deal with our underlying issues of the soul, so that no gates, windows and doors will be open to the enemy.
The intensity of the warfare that we are  experiencing spiritually are ancient and it is  like never before. However, God is purging, pruning, purifying, delivering and healing us.
He is now dealing with ancient and generational things in our linage so that we will be more effective in The Kingdom of God.
The Father is also revealing generational blessings and His covenants with His people.
There is no middle ground in Christ Jesus, we can't compromise with sin, the devil or the world. We have to be completely submitted to Christ in all areas of our walk with Jesus.
Listen to Him and obey Him in this season.
Let God speak to you and please take heed. God is our Father of preparation, He prepare us for what is to come, He will keep you in the ark of safety under His protection as we listen  and trust Him.  Let it be known that God has spoken to you privately and walk out the fruit of your intimacy with Christ publically. Remember this a serious season in Christ. He is dealing with us all about everything in our lives
I leave this question with you; Is He real in your life?

Submitted with the love of Jesus.
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Thursday, December 31, 2020


I wish everyone a prosperous, successful, peaceful & a Blessed New Year!
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Friday, December 18, 2020


I am just so excited it's settled, no more, wondering or guessing. I have full proof of my authenticity in the Book ( The Bible ).  I am my Father's Daughter & I am certified by The Blood. Thank you Father I can cry out Abba Father & we are official & legal.
I have full rights, authority & power to represent you in the earth. I was created in your image & Jesus has allow me to have direct access to communicate with you Father.
I have your DNA ! Thank you Jesus I can not be denied. I have your Agape love & eternal security!
DrZipporah Brown

Monday, December 14, 2020

Be Spiritually Minded

Thank you Lord for the truth, people have itching ears & they say things to cover themselves in their actions and flesh.
There are a lot of behaviors operating in the flesh of people that are games, dishonest, duplicity, lies, deceit, self deception, self will, double-dealing, guile, hypocrisy, trickery, insincerity, falsehoods, denial, pretentious and  addition to many that are listed in the Bible.
People  can make excuses for their behaviors & flesh, but we must die to ourselves.
To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritual minded is eternal life.
Many times people desire not confront the issues and sin in their life, they simply want to to run or hide and continue to use others as an excuse; yes we want to blame others or project our own indiscretions into other people. Lord have mercy on us as your Children. We are all accountable to God, we all are saved or not and there are no exceptions. The Bible says we reap what we sow and God will not be mocked.
We should love talking and interacting with our heavenly Father because He tells us the
truth about everything, even about ourselves. God will definitely give us instructions on what we need to change or mature  as His Children, it is in The Word.
People are not always honest even with themselves and may not operate in integrity with God or others. However, the only way to change is honestly admit we need Jesus' help in our lives.
Michael Jackson's song said look at the man in the mirror this has multiple meanings, but one true meaning is to look at ourself and our actions.
People can plays many games, especially with themselves. They can lie to  each other and themselves but not to God. He knows everything. God said that the human heart is wicked, who shall know it?
This is a very serious time in God right now, get your house, heart, and self in God's Divine order
Acts 17: 30  And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Continue to repent, forgive to pray and intercede for others as well as we continue  to boffer our bodies as a living sacrifice, which is our reasonable service to The Lord.  We must die to ourselves and pick up our cross daily!
Again thank you Lord that you are truth and you are revealing to us more truths❤️
There are many scriptural references: these are just a few
Jeremiah 17:9; Acts 8:22; Proverbs 21:4;
Acts 24:6; Psalms 50:17; Romans 1: 28; Romans 3: 23; 1 Peter 1:4; 2Timothy 4:3; Jeremiah 6:4.
Respectfully, prayerfully and lovingly submitted for your own reflection and thoughts in Christ Jesus.
Dr/Apostle Zipporah Brown