Friday, April 12, 2024

To Tell The Truth

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." -Mark Twain
You will tell the story, the same way and/or manner each time you tell the story. The story will always be the same with no deviations. The truth shall prevail. Pro 12:19 KJV The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment.  #truth #Integrity #authenticity #Veracity

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

My Post on LinkedIn

A Post By Dr Elizabeth Cousin
" Never say mean words out of anger. Your anger will pass, but your mean words can scar a person for life so use kind words or be silent".
My Response
So true, speak with love and do not succumb to the need to be right and be hasty to hurt the other person with your words of accusations. This will  precipitate rash and thoughtless words that will leave a lasting impression and may bring more anger and irritability to the situation.
Please take a moment to gather your thoughts and speak wisely.
Make sure you are praying for the person but also yourself.
Be empowering by having a calm disposition that brings healing and
may cause an amicable truce.
Thank you Dr Elizabeth Cousin for your thought provoking words that may help one have meaningful insight and integrity in our conflict with others.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Interactions On Social Media

I have secret admirers ! Friends may like my posts but do not acknowledge the posts publicly. However they watching, looking & monitoring the posts (Smiles ).
Then there are the frenemies in disguises, need I say anymore. Next are the enemies & haters that would not say anything related to my posts, but  they do look at your posts.
Next in line are those that are curious & those that are just watching your posts. Then you have those that compete with your posts I post they post too, jealousy?  (smile )
Next there are ones that are a leadership positions in churches, they will not like your post because of it being you? You may be nobody in their eyes or they do not want others to know that you are anointed too & so they do not want their followers influenced by your posts, they read the posts, but they dare not like the posts.
We have the proud, insecure, & judgemental & oh do not let me forget about the challengers.
We also have those with a different beliefs system & those that are on the dark side, that watches the posts, along with those that are watchers for other people who don't look at your posts personally themselves but have their spies in place to monitor your posts & those that gossip, & are talebearers, false witnesses, mockers & slanders. Then you have spiritual wickness in high places that monitors anyone that is a Christian or maybe those they feel that you are suspicious in nature. You have those who respond with rude, curt & mean comments.
You have those that are vindictive, petty & want you to look horrible before other's eyes. You  have those who say  they support you but do not.  Than there are those who has said so much about you  and they don't want to publicly acknowledge you, because it will contradict what they have said about you privately.
There are those who may have unfriended you, but still look at you your posts, yes it is true.
There are those you support & like their post but they do not reciprocate or encourage you.
You also have the schemers, cheaters, ones with hidden motives, & Then there are those who want to steal your timeline & identity with lies & deceit pretending to be your friends, apparently they can't use their own identity or Facebook page.
Then you have those that are a blast from your past that have issues with you & if they did not block you, they will never have any comments on your posts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & other social media all have their own agenda as well, let say control. 
The witches, satanist, cultists, occultist, etc they have their own agenda as well.
The jealous, envious, & those who do not want  to see you succeed or prosper in anything that you do & will not encourage you, just because it is you!
We have the superiority, superficial & prideful that say to themselves," who do you think you are to post that" ?
There are those get offended easily & now you are their public enemy.
We have the disagreeable & those who contest everything you post. We have those that like your post, but want to stay incognito, they may inbox you, because they don't want others see them like your posts. You have those who minimizes your posts to make themselves look good.
Finally we have the ones that encourages you & are secure enough to "like" your posts.
Watch what you put on Facebook or other social media sites for we live in different world. People have lost their lives over social media postings. Sometimes too much information can put one in a dangerous  position. Walk circumspect, with discretion, wisdom, understanding & discernment. You never know who is watching you. Once you put the information out there, just deleting it does not change the course of action, consequences & responsibility of your words that may have been written, may it be audio, visual, pictures, thoughts, responses to other posts or verbal communication you may have released in Social media, we have to live with the consequences of our actions.
As Christians we must glorify God in everything, even on social media communication. Selah !!!!!
DrZipporah Brown

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Will You Pass Your Test?

My Mother used to say " you never know who has to hand you a drink of water" I never understood that phrase until I became an adult.  Later I come to understand treat everyone with respect & dignity, no matter who they are, just because they are human beings & God's creation. Whether they are sitting on a street corner & their apparel is dirty & in a disarray or if they are dressed immaculately in the Whitehouse. The moral of the phrase is to have no respect of persons & treat everyone right &  justly, because the end results of your actions are accountable to God & also you will never know who has to help you in your path of life. We reap as we have sown.
Let your  fruit/actions reflect Jesus' light & ultimately honor God, that sees everything & know every heart. Will you pass your test?

Friday, June 16, 2023

Moving In The Now

This is a word of confirmation, I was way ahead of my time.
I remembered prophesying this at a church in the nineties; God told me things were going to move so fast and we must keep our focus on Him. Prophet Kynan Bridges " it is called Divine acceleration." He stated we're moving from stagnation to acceleration, from delay to destiny, from next to now. We will be operating in a kairos time. In eternity and instantly. Eternity is invading time.  The Word is life and excellence. Please listen to his video on YouTube. #acceleration #Kairos  #eternity #time #Divine #glory
Apostle Zipporah Brown

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Forgiveness Is Important For You

For anyone that have difficulty with unforgiveness, please
watch the movie "Amish Grace". You will see the importance of forgiveness in life.
Forgive is to release, exnoeration,forbearance,
clemency & pardon to others.
For you as an individual there is freedom, liberty, healing, love & forgiveness.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Being Authentic And True, Not False

Wow,  I hear The Lord say no more shucking & Jiving or slipping & sliding. This includes any trickery, deluded or beguile behaviors; all hypocrisy, misleading, flattery, lies, manipulations, deceit, ungodly influences cheating, seductive & enticement behaviors must cease, stop & desist immediately. All games, hidden motives & inappropriate maneuvers with all false pretenses of deception interaction with God's Children that are pure, holy, God fearing, seekers of God & His Kingdom  will be exposed by The Holy Spirit. Please get your house, actions, behaviors, thoughts & deeds in God's Divine order.  This is not a time to play with God & then try to represents Him with any active ongoing sin. He  is not talking about those individuals that are crying out to be changed & healed in a fault or sin, but those that are continually sinning without a broken & repentant heart. Those that are willfully sinning every day with no current desire to stop or change their wicked behaviors.
Please allow The fear of The Lord to operate in your walk with God. He is Holy, therefore we as His Children & representatives also have to be holy & have integrity with God & others.
Definition -Shucking & Jiving: giving misleading or deceptive talk or behavior as to give a false impression
Apostle Zipporah Brown